About Us

Cecadhhi is a civil society organization that works for the self-determination of peoples and anti-racism, which prioritizes work with women and youth. To this end we promote collective legal defense, shared learning, and action research.


The Social Problem that CECADDHI addresses is the systematic violation of the rights of indigenous and rural peoples, by governmental and private actors. This violation is materialized in the dispossession of the lands, territory and culture of the communities in favor of the imposition of an alien vision of development. The original cause of the systematic violation of peoples' rights lies in structures of internalized racism, anthropocentrism, capitalism and patriarchy. This process of dispossession causes violence, environmental damage, forced displacement, impoverishment, rupture of the social fabric and loss of mechanisms of cultural reproduction. Likewise, the systematic violation of rights limits the scope of self-determination of the peoples, understood as the possibility of deciding their future and present, their government, their education, their food, the use of their resources and of achieving self-sufficiency. food, education, health, government and self-justice.




CECADDHI's Mission is for indigenous and rural peoples to consolidate their autonomy and self-determination through the control of their lands, territory and natural assets and the exercise of their self-government.

CECADDHI recognizes as Principles that regulate its work the following: self-criticism; non-welfare; non-partisanship; constant questioning of structures and dogmas; decision making by consensus; no imposition; empathy; inclusion and diversity; truth; horizontality; dialogue; honesty; altruism; effective transfer of capabilities; learning; community; prioritize the usually silenced voices of women, youth and indigenous people; congruence; loyalty; self-management; anti-racism; anti-patriarchy and active listening.